The AVEENO® Kids Care Crew

This squad of super-powered, super helpful characters is ready to lend kids a paw or hoof to help turn bathtime into a solo routine.

Meet Lucky the Llama

I love to lead the pack when it comes to finding things to do with my friends. When it comes to my curls, I take charge with the AVEENO® Kids Hair Shampoo to keep my hair clean and in check. Lucky is our good luck charm and is inspired by the idea that you make your own luck and take command!

Lucky the Llama – Shampoo: Lucky the Llama – Shampoo

Meet Romer the Horse

Whether it’s taking a walk or going camping, I’d always rather be outdoors. When it’s time to wash my hair, I use the AVEENO® Kids Hair Conditioner to stay tangle-free and focused on what’s ahead. Romer is inspired by the idea of ‘roaming’ and is reflective of the characters disposition.

Romer the Horse – Conditioner Romer the Horse – Conditioner

Meet Inky the Octopus

I love going out into the sea and finding new things to learn about. I use the Bubble Bath & Wash after a long day of exploring. I love the bubbles, they’re so much fun! Inky is wise, supportive and ensures all Kids feel comfortable with who they are!

Inky the Octopus – Bubble Bath & Wash Inky the Octopus – Bubble Bath & Wash

Meet Leon the Chameleon

Getting comfy and listening to music are some of my favourite things to do. I feel comfortable in my own skin when I use the AVEENO® Kids Face & Body Lotion to soothe and moisturise!

Leon the Chameleon – Face & Body LotionLeon the Chameleon – Face & Body Lotion

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Watch our Care Crew explore bath time and go on adventures with Pete, Max and Maya. Watch below!