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Our Mission.

At AVEENO®, everything is rooted in our belief that balance is the key to well-being. That’s why we use ground-breaking science to transform nature’s ingredients into products that rebalance and renew your skin.

With clinical results to prove their effectiveness

Magazine about AVEENO® history

Our roots.

Believing nature holds the secret to human health, two American brothers, Sidney and Albert Musher began studying the benefits of oat in 1945. Oat was an ingredient used in skincare since ancient times for its ability to soothe and nourish the skin. The brothers discovered the powers of finely milled colloidal oatmeal to manage dry skin conditions. The famous Mayo Clinic dermatologists recognised their pioneering work and the AVEENO® brand was born.

Since then, we’ve published 70 years of clinical evidence supporting the benefits of oat and other natural ingredients. 

More recently, our research has been instrumental in advancing the scientific understanding of the microbiome throughout the human body, at every stage of life. Today, AVEENO® scientists are industry experts on the microbial diversity of both healthy and compromised skin.

We will continue to partner with scientists who are discovering natural ingredients that enhance the skin’s well-being, because we are mindful of our legacy of innovation.

And that’s one of the reasons the AVEENO® brand has grown into a holistic beauty brand that offers innovative products for the body, hair and baby care. 

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Nature’s goodness + real science.

How do we balance the two?

Our activation process keeps the goodness of nature without excess heat or unnecessary chemical solvents. That means our natural oat is pure and potent.

Finally, we balance our formulas and put them to the test. Through extensive testing, we get proof that our oat-based products gently cleanse and moisturise, for skin that looks and feels healthy

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Our commitment to wellness.

At AVEENO®, we are committed to healthy, holistic practices that ensure we always do right by you and your family. Here’s where we stand when it comes to the things you’ve told us are important to you.


“Good enough” is never good enough for AVEENO®. Our internal standards for safety testing and ingredient quality are very strict and robust.

We think about every element we use in every one of our products – where it came from, what it does and how it impacts you and your skin.

Only ingredients that pass our strict 5-step safety assurance process are used.


Since AVEENO® began working with the Mayo Clinic, our research has made major contributions to the science of skin health.

Our R&D team has conducted over 80 clinical studies published in scientific journals since 2001.

  • The efficacy and safety of colloidal oatmeal products have been evaluated in over 25 studies, involving more than 2,500 patients with dry and compromised skin, including xerosis and mild psoriasis.
  • More recently, we discovered that prebiotic properties of oat promote a balanced skin microbiome, which is fundamental for healthy, vibrant skin.
  • We’ve tested over 100,000 different natural elements over the years to ensure they are safe enough, and beneficial for, skin health. These studies are the inspiration that created entire lines of products.